Unexploited Roofscapes

High density construction in contemporary cities has resulted in the genesis of the Urban Heat Island effect that under the undeniable climate change will only get intensified. Reducing the ambient temperatures and improving the urban microclimate inside the ur­ban fabric appear to be urgent emerging actions. This research focuses on the rehabilita­tion of the neglected rooftop level of the Greek cities and its potential to play a significant role on the development of UHI mitigation techniques through the application of environmental design strategies for the city of Thessalo­niki. The impact of urban density, geometry, materiality and vegetation was evaluated through literature review, fieldwork in Thessaloniki and Athens and analytic work using EDSL Tas, Ecotect Analysis, ENVI-met and Ray­Man Pro.

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This research was carried out at the SED master of the Architectural Association. The paper was presented at PLEA 2016 in collaboration with Augusta Stanista and Simos Yannas.


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