ATMOS Lab is a group of Environmental Design Specialists based in London.

"From the early stages of the design process their work and expertise proved to be essential to the project, creating a building within which the environmental strategies were not so much a chapter of a technical brief, but an essential part of the project."

OFFICE KGDVS [BE] - Kersten Geers David Van Severen

"Conventional approaches to building optimisation can often be a slow and cumbersome but ATMOS Lab's refreshing parametric approach, coupled with their excellent graphic presentation, enabled us to gain and communicate insights quickly to a wide range of project stakeholders."

ARCHITYPE [UK] - James Todd, Associate Director.

"The synergies between our organizations could result in significant step forward for the design process and we are excited to turn our shared vision of building design into reality."

INTEGRATION [UK] - Dr. Alan Harries, Director.

"Working with ATMOS Lab has been a great experience. In TAAs we have been working for years on superimposing climatic and architectural questions with everyday living patterns. The quantitative expertise of ATMOS Lab has been instrumental to achieve this qualitative dimension in our collective housing scheme.”

TAAs [ES] - Javier García-German, Director

We enable project stakeholders to gain insight with the following services:

Crystal Palace, OFFICE KGDVS
Seoul, KR [Dwa]

EMVS, TAAs+Javier Garcia-German
Madrid, ES [Csa]

Alrio, Gonzalez-Poggi
Buenos Aires, AR [Cfa]

Forest Gate Co-living, Architype
London, UK [Cfb]